Childrens Therapist Roseville 2020
Childrens Therapist Roseville

Childrens Therapist Roseville 2020

Mell La Valley a counselor for adolescents, teens and young adults who might be struggling with any type of mental health issues during these formative years – Childrens Therapist Roseville 2020.

Today our youth face a unique set of personal challenges. Mell de-stigmatizes the secret struggles of mental and emotional distress. She helps them self-manage the obstacles and succeed at their goals.

Adolescents, Teens & Young adults today seem to have it all…

  • Infinite ways of connecting
  • Technology at their fingertips
  • More educational opportunities
  • More personal and cultural freedoms
  • Modern day medicine with the best shot of living a long, healthy life


But the truth is that young people often struggle in secret and feel:

  • Misunderstood, lost and alone
  • Out of their depth at school
  • Chronically stressed and overwhelmed
  • Beaten down by a harsh inner-critic and self-doubt
  • Simultaneously anxious about the past, present and future
  • Unfocused, unorganized or unable to find the ‘why’ in what they’re doing


If despite what life may look like on the outside, on the inside your child is struggling to cope, they are not alone. Young people are particularly vulnerable to psychological distress. And the truth is, how we manage our inner life, impacts everything around us – Childrens Therapist Roseville 2020.  

These years do not have to be about struggle

The good news is that thousands of teens and young adults have discovered how to break free of struggle, take care of themselves and build exciting, meaningful, happy lives.  Mell is passionate about equipping young people with the inner resources to turn personal challenges into opportunities for resilience. If you want to rise above your hardest challenges and take things to the next level, Mell is here to help.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Childrens Therapist Roseville 2020 Phone : 916-719-2520

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