Roseville Childrens Therapist
Roseville Childrens Therapist

Roseville Childrens Therapist

Roseville Childrens Therapist, At  Mell La Valley – LMFT, CEGE we are renowned for treating children and adolescents with complex developmental trauma. These youth come from harsh environments, are  often adoptees or in the foster care system because they have experienced physical, mental and/or sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment. Most Roseville childrens therapist will inevitably work with youth that are experiencing developmental trauma. What sets us apart is that we have specialized in working specifically with this population for many years. If developmental trauma is not treated the effects will be long lasting and devastating. Roseville Childrens Therapist

Working with youth who have experienced  developmental trauma involves a very different approach than working with adults who have experienced trauma later in life.  Roseville Childrens Therapist Unfortunately, not all therapists appear to be up to date with the most current research trends and newer methods employed for working with children and adolescents. Roseville Childrens Therapist

Exactly What Is Developmental Trauma?

During the first few years of life, toddlers and infants need a safe, predictable environment surrounded by consistent, nurturing caregivers. Roseville Childrens Therapist When this occurs, the brain has the opportunity to progress and develop in a normal sequence of growth. The cranial process is highly complex but essentially, the brain develops from the bottom up, like a ladder. The lower parts of the brain are mainly in control of the tasks that are dedicated to safeguarding survival and responding to stress. The upper part of the brain is the area associated with executive functions such as the ability to make sense of what one experiences along with the part that exercises moral judgement. Roseville Childrens Therapist

Roseville Childrens Therapist – The most important aspect to this developmental process is that the upper part of the brain highly depends on the prior development of the lower parts of the brain. When stress responses are repeatedly triggered and activated for a prolonged period in a toddler or infant (such as in repeated abuse or long term neglect), the sequential development of the cranial process and brain is distressed. The ladder will always develop, but foundational steps will be damaged or left out altogether. This causes many future thinking patterns and actions to be out of kilter.

Developmental Trauma will unmistakably manifest in a plethora of arenas such as: Personality disorders (especially borderline personality disorder), oppositional defiant disorder, PTSD, cognitive impairment, ADHD, learning disabilities, speech delay, bipolar disorder, sensory processing disorder and more.

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Roseville Childrens Therapist


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